[VIDEO] Back in 2013 Don Lemon Said Black People Leave Trash Everywhere, But White People Never Litter

Actor Terry Crews appeared on Don Lemon’s low-rated CNN show to discuss the merits of “Black Lives Matter.”

Crews correctly believes that BLM is a “militant group” filled with Marxists who are not representing the average “Black American experience.”

Don lemon – of course – disagrees. Lemon believes that communist radicals fairly represent what’s happening in today’s Black neighborhoods, by saying that it’s oppression and bad police officers that have kept Black Americans down for so long.

But that’s not what he thought just a few short years ago.

Back in 2013, Lemon agreed with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, who said that the breakdown of the black communities had mostly to do with the breakdown of the family.

O’Reilly then went on to point out several other things that were causing issues for black folks.

Lemon agreed. He even expanded on it and went so far as to claim that “filthy neighborhoods” were also to blame and he said that black people leave trash everywhere and white people don’t.

Lemon then shared how when he lived in “white neighborhoods” nobody littered.

Wow. Cancel Lemon?

You can watch the video below (litter comments start at the 1:02 mark):

Why have everyone’s stances changed so significantly – literally “360 degrees” over the years in a relatively short span of time?

It’s because the radical communist left has come out from the shadows and into the light of the Democrat Party, and people like Don Lemon are terrified of them.

Now, people like Lemon must conform and can only speak using the “approved” messaging and if they deviate, it’s “CANCEL CULTURE” for you.

It’s social Marxism and the “cancel culture” is the extortion held over everyone’s head…”You do what we say, or we ruin your life.”

This is how you create mass propaganda.

And this is why you can’t trust the mainstream media. By now, its’ basically all propaganda, nothing is real, it’s all about satisfying the narrative of the loudest voices in the room.


Even Fox News. Trust me, they’re just as bad, if not worse than everyone else. They’re not our “friend” just because they air Tucker Carlon (who is our friend).


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